About Petersen

True Team Players:

We are a company able to all the process from creating concept and scripting through final product delivery and staging.

Yet a trademark at Petersen is the ability to seamlessly weave into a company’s existing developing stories from your own creative ideas and teams. We often hear we are easy to work with.

Our passion runs so deep in what we do, but we hear it all the time, Hard to believe our first High definition experience was in 1992 and have operated digital based edit suites since 1995. Yet staffed with young creative directors We are a place where old school meets new school, with such contrasts we are almost a daily study in film and documentary storytelling demographically as well as differing streams of creativity flowing into one great river of story diversities.   

The Creative Team:

Glen Petersen: who was named as one of the Top 100 Producers of 2001 by AV Video Multimedia Producer magazine, founded the company in 1983.  A Leelanau native, Glen is passionately devoted to telling the stories of Northern Michigan – from its natural beauty to the people and places that make it unique.  A true artist, Glen has made it his life’s work to capture the spirit of the world, first through still photography and then with film and video.

Corban Shaw:  Producer.  With almost 10 years of experience in video production, Corban is a technical expert in all things digital.  He is a skilled shooter and a master editor with Final Cut Pro as well all of the Adobe suite of editing products including Premier Pro, After Effects, Encore, Audition, Photoshop, Illustrator and many more.

Jan McCall: Producer.  With a MBA in marketing, Jan worked in corporate television for over a decade, producing live broadcasts for the internal television network at Texas Instruments, a global electronics and semiconductor company.   She has extensive marketing communications, writing, script development and video editing experience.